last mock exam dai

weather is singular tudai, give me r not gd feelin'...
after last mock exam, take PURI wif Vic, Oser & Steven*
mah hairdo is singular lyk da weather! feelin' so 'GAP'!
den hv lunch @ 'Lam Kwa Uk' together.
i saw da young interior decorator there*
um.. if i can get chance tu design sth lyk dis....... how gd?!
finally go ssp wif Oser, talk many ths wif u abt ourself...
im always by yr side!! i think ull b mah best frd since tudai*
i luv u. =] den go MR.Tomato en hm, c《Yonimo Kimyouna Monogatari 15th Anniversary Special Chinese Subbed》
FanTAstIC! XDDD <連他也> (?) make us belly laugh!!!! XDDD

‧expect c flim of《The Pink Panther》tmr*


try da game of Component Check fm Tindol en blog.
Oh.. i lyk it! describe mahself as r ROSE of PRINCEKIN en luver...
naughty kid i ever b! in yr arm, in yr carboy foh me...
mais now, i just can b such in da dark nite wif da cold air...

"你要走的話, 就拿開那玻璃罩吧。我可是朵玫瑰花, 夜晚的涼風對我很好~", TAMA*這麼跟小王子說。

"對~夜晚的風一點都不冷~你看, 我不會冷, 還可以伸展我的刺呢~"

dis tym, i leave u 1st! i leave yr arm..
coz u hvnt give me da cover after u didnt luv me.

End of da story?
by TAMaZUKI | 2006-04-06 22:59 | Fotoz_ __